Estate & Trust Administration

estate administration

Estate Administration

When our attorneys settle estates, we do so with great care and a high degree of personal sensitivity. Working closely with family members, we ensure that all necessary and appropriate steps are taken to provide a smooth and orderly administration of each estate. Those steps include probate of the will, valuation of estate assets, payment of debts and expenses, preparation of federal and state estate and income tax returns and transfer of assets to the beneficiaries. As a boutique firm, we can provide skilled, perpetual administration of trusts and also represent clients in federal and state estate and gift tax audits.

Our team includes experienced paralegals in addition to our attorneys, enabling us to ensure that all estates, ranging from simple to complex, are efficiently administered. We are always accessible to family members to advise them and address any personal concerns.

Trust Administration

Serving as a trustee is a serious undertaking. Many people name a family member, a friend or a trusted professional advisor as Trustee. The reasons for doing so are understandable, since such people are familiar with the family dynamics and the wishes of the person establishing the trust. However, these individuals typically need guidance interpreting the trust language and understanding the duties and responsibilities of being a trustee. Our attorneys advise trustees on all aspects of trust administration, including how to properly interpret the trust, the trustees’ responsibility to beneficiaries, their fiduciary duties and liabilities, as well as their related tax questions. Our attorneys and paralegals also assist trustees by preparing federal and state fiduciary income tax returns and periodic accountings to the beneficiaries. In appropriate situations, when asked to do so by a client, our experienced attorneys will serve as trustee.

trust administration