Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys handle all types of transactions, including the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate.

Our real estate attorneys handle all types of transactions, including the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate. With sophisticated experience, our real estate partners counsel clients across all levels of real estate, from single lot purchases to land leases for major commercial sites for Fortune 500 companies.


Our real estate attorneys also handle litigation in all courts involving partition actions, real property disputes, easements, quiet title actions and zoning appeals.

Sale, Purchase and Finance of Residential Real Estate

At Gilmore, Rees & Carlson, our focus is on protecting our client’s interests during all stages of your real estate transaction. We help clients throughout the entire sale and purchase process from receiving an offer, inspections, purchase and sale agreement through to closing. Whether our client is a first time homebuyer looking for step-by-step guidance in the purchasing and financing process, or a homeowner seeking help in the sale of their most important asset, our real estate attorneys have the knowledge and skill to navigate our clients successfully through the process. Clients rely upon our real estate attorneys to address any issues that may arise during a transaction, whether simple, complex or downright unique.

Commercial Transactions

Our experienced commercial real estate attorneys assist clients in documenting and closing purchase, construction and refinance transactions involving commercial funding.


During the commercial lending process, we help clients to identify risks related to entity structure, collateralization, permitting, use and closing. By proactively addressing these areas, we are able to help our clients smoothly move their projects forward towards completion.

Permitting, Zoning & Development

When our clients need approvals or relief from local planning and zoning boards, our real estate attorneys provide outstanding representation. We provide counsel in connection with a wide range of land use applications, including all aspects of permitting, zoning and development. We represent clients before a variety of town boards in connection with subdivision plans, conversions, variances and other miscellaneous approvals our land use and development clients are required to obtain in order to complete their projects.


Working with town boards requires superb communication skills, patience and strong legal acumen. We manage this often-complex process on behalf of our commercial real estate clients, helping them to reach an outcome that furthers their goals. In the past we have proudly assisted clients in obtaining several multi-lot subdivisions, condominium developments and zoning changes.


The strength of a lease is key to optimizing the return on investment property. Our real estate attorneys have significant experience negotiating commercial leases for businesses. We have specific experience negotiating ground leases for the development of retail shopping centers, restaurants and gas stations.


In addition to commercial leasing, our attorneys handle a range of residential leasing matters related to investment and rental properties. Our attorneys prepare rental documentation and advise on compliance issues. We also provide practical tools and advice on how to be a successful landlord while protecting our client’s real estate investment.

Property Disputes

Our real estate attorneys help investors and owners of real estate properties with a wide range of legal issues. We successfully represent clients in matters such as boundary disputes, encroachments, clearing clouds on titles and adverse possession actions. We walk our clients through the process of identifying and addressing their specific concerns. We always propose a range of feasible and cost effective options for the best possible resolution of their disputes. Our team helps clients pursue all potential remedies, including court involvement, to come to a prompt and complete closure of their matters.